Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Busy times

I had a very busy long weekend - a weekend of mixed emotions.

Firstly, daughter C cooked us a lovely meal from a cook book she had at Christmas. It was from 'Ottolenghi The Cookbook', a fantastic book full of really yummy recipes. We were looking for a recipe for chicken - but came across this recipe for 'chickpeas and spinach with honeyed sweet potato' - it was absolutely delicious.
It was a lovely evening, and our last together for a while as the next day I drove her down south (in all the wind and rain) to Stansted Airport. Not to fly away to the sun on holiday - but she is off to work in Germany for a while. She will be living and working in Leipzig for the next few months - what a fantastic opportunity to develop her language skills and get work experience and live in a different country! A little sad to say goodbye, but we have already book flights to go out and visit her during her time out there.
Once I had dropped her I went to have lunch with my friend Jane (who came to stay with me recently). She lives quite close to where we both grew up in Cambridgeshire. Great to see her again, and another of our friends who also called in who I hadn't seen for a while. Lots of tea, chatting and catching up. Later, we went to visit Jane's mum. I like to visit her whenever I am down that way, she is 88 now, still lives by herself and is fiercely independent - such a lovely lady.

Then I set off again to visit and stay over with some dear friends who have recently moved away from us at home. They now live in Rutland, quite near to Rutland Water. It was just great to spend some time with them - although I had seen them at New Year - but its not quite the same as just being able to pop in to see them!  The following morning the rain had stopped and the sky was blue!!! We took the opportunity to get out and about, they took me on a little tour of the area, as they are looking for a new home, and then we went for a walk. It was still a little breezy, but so nice to be out with blue sky and sunshine instead of the wall to wall grey we have had lately.
I just loved this very neat way of laying hedges, with binding along the top to hold the staves - I don't think I've seen it anywhere else - must be a tradition in that area.
C is away in Germany, but M is coming home for a few days - so looking forward to seeing her - its all go!

Next post will be a catch up on some of the crafty things I have been doing.


  1. I hope that your daughter enjoys her time in Germany and that it is a great experience for her. The hedge thing is interesting, I was told some years ago that apparently each area, probably each county, has a different style, so you can tell where someone is from by the way they lay a hedge!! xx

    1. That makes sense - just looked up hedge laying techniques and found -

  2. hi jilly,
    leipzig is a beautiful city with lovely places. i hope your daughter have a nice time.

    1. I'm sure she will have a great time and I'm really looking forward to visiting her. Jilly