Thursday, 11 April 2013

Kaffe Fassett Exhibition "A life in colour'

I'm finally reunited with my lap top again after its little accident with a cup of tea! It is so nice to get it back again, and I will be so careful in future. I therefore have quite a lot to report, where to start?

Well, I think it will be my trip to London, a week or so ago now, combined with visits to my good friends in London and Bedfordshire. London was great, I love to visit and managed to pack quite a bit in. I arrived on Thursday afternoon and spent a little time at the shops, particularly The Cloth House in Berwick Street. What a fantastic fabric shop, full of beautiful and unusual cloth. I was looking for some linen that I could use with my latest screen printing design and found some lovely linen with a stripe running through it. (more on that another time) I stayed overnight with a very dear friend K and we had a lovely meal and a good catch up.
The next day I was back into central London, and off to the Fashion and Textile Museum to the opening day of the Kaffe Fassett 'A life in Colour' retrospective exhibition. The exhibition closely follows his autobiography;  it was an explosion of colour and it was fascinating to see the very wide range of paintings, tapestries, knitting, mosaics and fabrics that Kaffe has worked on over the years.
Below are just a few photos from the exhibition. Quite a few of the quilts I recognised from the book 'Kaffe Quilts Again' so it was lovely to see them up close.

If you are a fan of Kaffe and are in the area, it is well worth a visit.

I then went on to the Selvedge Craft Fair at the Chelsea Old Town Hall, and enjoyed a wonderful couple of hours looking at all the fabulous work by some very talented makers.

Then off to stay with another very good friend J who lives in Bedfordshire. I had a fab, very packed (and snowy) weekend with her - Saturday saw us back in London at the 'Country Living Spring Fair' The fair was very busy and very crowded, but again there were some beautiful things for sale. This was my first time at a Spring Fair, having only been to the Christmas Fairs in Glasgow and Harrogate in the past. 

I had quite an eventful trip home on the train - with trains being cancelled due to the snowy weather, but all in all a brilliant few days away.

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  1. Wow Jilly, I am Totally Envious of your days away filled to the brim with all things I would absolutely love to visit. How fabulous. I'm in awe of KF's talent. What an interesting way to display the quilts around a column. Thanks for sharing!