Monday, 28 May 2012

Grandma's button tin

Taking the photo's of the little foals reminded me of my Grandma's button tin. I don't know what made me think about the tin as it has been tucked away in a cupboard for years. I think the last time we searched through it was when M and C needed buttons or beads for an art project at school.

It was always a treat when I was little to be allowed to look through the button tin, sorting them into colours and types, counting them and just turning them over in my hands - it kept me quiet for ages! I'm sure it was a great ploy by my Grandma to keep me occupied so she could get on with other things as she knew I would be quite happy for a while. It was a lovely walk down memory lane seeing all the buttons there in the tin!

I picked out a few of the more interesting ones

There were coat and cardigan buttons with lovely textured shapes ......

sorry the photo is a little fuzzy
..... and more functional work wear buttons with little loops on the back for a split pin or ring. I can remember my Grandad having these type of buttons on his work coverall jacket. I can remember the buttons having to be taken off the jacket before it went in the wash as this job was sometimes given to me.  I guess these are called 'warehouse jackets' now, but they have poppers as closures - so disappointing

Sweet memories.


  1. I love a rummage with my fingers through an old button tin. Such wonderful memories for you too.

    1. I used to imagine what the clothes would have been like that the buttons belonged to as well - kept me amused for hours!