Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Pine cones

I had quite a lot of brown merino tops left over from making the oak leaves for our nieces wedding and was wondering what I could make with it. With Christmas creeping up, I thought I would make some new christmas decorations and decided to try and make some pine cones. I had already made several sheets of brown felt, so I cut out different sized rounds of felt in a sort of petal shape, so I could slip them over a brown pipe cleaner to get the graduated shape of a pine cone.  After several iterations, I decided to add a second layer of felt on each round to try and make the shape a little better. The cones were ok but not very festive looking so some decoration was needed! I made some new sheets of felt in different shades, adding in a little decoration on some and used these as the second round.

Felt drying in the autumn sun.
Pine cones (sorry bit of a fuzzy photo).

So now we have a couple of wooly pine cones, and a few more to come when I get time!

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