Friday, 11 November 2011

Felted Angels

I'm going along to a felting class this term which is held at a local school. I really enjoy the class, the tutor Annie is so welcoming and encouraging and has shown us the basics of wet felting over the past weeks. The other students in the group are also so friendly and love to share ideas and bring in things that they have made at home, and I really look forward to the class. Over the weeks we have covered how to make basic felt, have made flowers, made nuno felt and cobweb felt, felted stones and this last week started to make angels - for christmas decorations.

The angels are so cute and really quite easy to make with basic sewing skills, and can be made very individual with different decoration. We each made an A4 sized basic natural coloured felt with some added angelina fibres to add a bit of sparkle. Then a cone shape was cut to make the body and joined at the back with a row of running stitches. A head and arms were made and a triangle of felt cut for the wings. Then the angel can be decorated with buttons and stitching.

Making the felt

This is what we were aiming for 


J adding hair

Hopefully everyone will bring their angels back to the class next week so we can see the finished family of angels!

Update: a photo of the Angels - and even a Father Christmas! All so different!!

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