Monday, 5 January 2015

Interesting train travel!

Normally when Clara comes home on the train we pick her up from local mainline stations at Lancaster or Kendal - but being an enterprising student again she managed to get a ticket from London to the nearest station to us for just £10!!! As the crow flies the distance to this station at Dent is only about 5 miles - but as its a bit up hill and down dale to get there it takes a while. We arrived to collect her in mist - I think we were actually in the cloud! and waited a few minutes for the train to arrive. We had actually never been to the station before and it seems quite an interesting place - it is on the Settle to Carlisle Railway and in the Yorkshire Dales National Park - and I didn't realise that it was the highest mainline station in England - what a claim to fame!

End of the holiday now and Clara is back in London for Uni again. She didn't return from Dent - but from another small local station at Wennington, which is on the Morecambe to Leeds line. I'm glad she is doing her bit to keep the small stations open!

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  1. What a fabulous train station!! It looks like something from a film! Glad that you had a great visit with Clara. xx