Friday, 20 January 2012


Last summer I taught myself how to knit socks. I had knitted jumpers and scarfs since my early teens, and when the children were babies I made a few cardigans for them, but really didn't have time to do much more. However, I decided I wanted to knit again - and what I wanted to knit was socks. I had been to Woolfest 2011 in Cockermouth and seen fantastic wool and hand crafted woollen socks for sale, but at that time I didn't realise that I wanted to knit again or learn to knit socks, it looked too difficult having to use double ended needles. It was a few weeks later when I found some magic wool, that knitted itself into a pattern, that I thought about it again.  The wool I found was by Regia, and the shop had sample socks knitted up in the various self patterned wool. They looked so inspiring, so I bought the jacquard wool las vegas for my first pair and bamboo double pointed needles, a simple sock pattern was thrown in - so I was all set. 

Armed with the pattern and watching tutorials on you tube to help me turn the heel, I managed to complete my first pair of socks! 

Daughter C loved them so much that I gave them to her, and then made myself another pair. M said she would like a pair, so I made a pair to go in her Christmas stocking using Regia brasil salvador - well I managed to complete one sock in the run up to Christmas which went in her stocking and then completed the other over the holidays.

It really is quite addictive. I've started another pair again using Regia wool, this time using crazy colour in blues and greens.

Then for my next pair I think I'll try a different pattern......

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  1. I think I'm getting addicted to sock knitting and I haven't even started yet!!