Monday, 16 January 2012

Birthday boy

Today is our dogs birthday, he is seven years old! To celebrated we had a walk together around the fields this afternoon. Although still very cold here with frost on the ground, there was a beautiful blue sky. This is such a lovely change from the terrible grey, wet days we had over the Christmas and New Year break.
Birthday boy 
Blue sky! even a shadow
and signs of spring!

 Although it is quite a while ago now, just a few photos of Christmas...

We had friends and neighbours around for drinks on Christmas Eve which was a lovely relaxed evening - well, once the rush of getting everything ready was over - mulled wine, lots of nibbles and plenty of chat - set the tone for the rest of the break!

I think apart from taking the dog for a walk we didn't venture outside. On boxing day we all went for a local walk with the dog, and the next day went across to the NE to visit relations.

Over the break M wanted to eat apple pie, so she made a pie which turned out to be a fantastic work of art as well as really yummy. The filling was apple and cinnamon, so very festive. Not sure where she got the recipe from, but hope she can remember as I would like to make it again.

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